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FAIR WP 6.1 - Future Artificial Intelligence Research, Spoke 6 (Symbiotic AI) Work Package 6.1 (Design of SAI Systems)

Basic Information

Start Date
Jan 01, 2023
End Date
Dec 31, 2025
3 years

Brief Project Description

The IVU Laboratory, in an effort lead by Prof Rosa Lanzilotti, manages the WP (Work Package) 6.1 of the Spoke 6 (Symbiotic AI) of the FAIR (Future Artificial Intelligence Research) project, titled “Design of SAI Systems”.

Funded Research

The research of the following people is funded by the FAIR WP 6.1 project.

Miriana Calvano

PhD Student

PhD student in Symbiotic AI

Antonio Curci

PhD Student

PhD student in Artificial Intelligence for Society