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SERICS - SEcurity and RIghts In the CyberSpace

Basic Information

Start Date
Jan 01, 2023
End Date
Dec 31, 2025
3 years

Brief Project Description

The IVU Laboratory, in an effort lead by Prof Giuseppe Desolda, manages the WP (Work Package) 6.1 (Securing the Software Process) of the Spoke 6 (Software and Platform Security) of the SERICS (SEcurity and RIghts In the CyberSpace) project, titled “Securing the Software Process”. The main project that sees the involvement of the WP 6.1 is titled “Supply Chain Attack Avoidance (SCAI)”. Furthermore, the group is involved in research conducted by Spoke 3 (Attacks and Defences) (Cyber Social Security) and Spoke 9 (Securing Digital Transformation), respectively in the projects “Cyber Social Security (CSS)” and “Secure Remote Healthcare for a Better Future (SuReCare)”.