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Ender Opentip Adapter

Uses ender packages

Because $ is my favorite character

(($) ->

Using bean as event handler

  bean = require "bean"

Using reqwest as AJAX lib

  reqwest = require "reqwest"

Augment ender

  $.ender {
    opentip: (content, title, options) -> new Opentip this, content, title, options
  }, true

And now the class

  class Adapter

    name: "ender"

Simply using $.domReady

    domReady: (callback) -> $.domReady callback


Using bonzo to create html

    create: (html) -> $ html

Element handling

Wraps the element in ender

    wrap: (element) ->
      element = $ element
      throw new Error "Multiple elements provided." if element.length > 1

Returns the unwrapped element

    unwrap: (element) -> $(element).get 0

Returns the tag name of the element

    tagName: (element) -> @unwrap(element).tagName

Returns or sets the given attribute of element It's important not to simply forward name and value because the value is set whether or not the value argument is present

    attr: (element, args...) -> $(element).attr args...

Returns or sets the given data of element It's important not to simply forward name and value because the value is set whether or not the value argument is present

    data: (element, args...) -> $(element).data args...

Finds elements by selector

    find: (element, selector) -> $(element).find selector

Finds all elements by selector

    findAll: -> @find.apply @, arguments

Updates the content of the element

    update: (element, content, escape) ->
      element = $ element
      if escape
        element.text content
        element.html content

Appends given child to element

    append: (element, child) -> $(element).append child

Add a class

    addClass: (element, className) -> $(element).addClass className

Remove a class

    removeClass: (element, className) -> $(element).removeClass className

Set given css properties

    css: (element, properties) -> $(element).css properties

Returns an object with given dimensions

    dimensions: (element) -> $(element).dim()

Returns the scroll offsets of current document

    scrollOffset: ->
        window.pageXOffset or document.documentElement.scrollLeft or document.body.scrollLeft
        window.pageYOffset or document.documentElement.scrollTop or document.body.scrollTop

Returns the dimensions of the viewport (currently visible browser area)

    viewportDimensions: ->
        width: document.documentElement.clientWidth
        height: document.documentElement.clientHeight

Returns an object with x and y

    mousePosition: (e) ->
      pos = x: 0, y: 0

      e ?= window.event

      return unless e?

      if e.pageX or e.pageY
        pos.x = e.pageX
        pos.y = e.pageY
      else if e.clientX or e.clientY
        pos.x = e.clientX + document.body.scrollLeft + document.documentElement.scrollLeft
        pos.y = e.clientY + document.body.scrollTop + document.documentElement.scrollTop


Returns the offset of the element

    offset: (element) -> 
      offset = $(element).offset()
        top: offset.top
        left: offset.left

Observe given eventName

    observe: (element, eventName, observer) ->
      $(element).on eventName, observer

Stop observing event

    stopObserving: (element, eventName, observer) -> $(element).unbind eventName, observer

Perform an AJAX request and call the appropriate callbacks.

    ajax: (options) ->
      throw new Error "No url provided" unless options.url?
        url: options.url
        type: 'html'
        method: options.method?.toUpperCase() ? "GET"
        error: (resp) -> options.onError? "Server responded with status #{resp.status}"
        success: (resp) -> options.onSuccess? resp
        complete: -> options.onComplete?()

Utility functions

Creates a shallow copy of the object

    clone: (object) ->
      newObject = { }
      for own key, val of object
        newObject[key] = val

Copies all properties from sources to target

    extend: (target, sources...) ->
      for source in sources
        for own key, val of source
          target[key] = val

Add the adapter to the list

  Opentip.addAdapter new Adapter