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IVU’s “DevProDev” Project Wins PRIN 2022 Grant

🚀 Exciting News: Our Research Project “DevProDev” Wins PRIN 2022 Grant! 🚀

We are thrilled to announce that our research team, in an effort led by Giuseppe Desolda, successfully secured the prestigious PRIN (Progetti di Ricerca di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale) grant for the year 2022. Giuseppe Desolda serves as the Vice Principal Investigator for the entire project and holds the position of Principal Investigator at the University of Bari.

Project Consortium


Project Overview

DevProDev - Profiling Software Developers for Developer-Centered Recommender Systems


The “DevProDev” project aims to improve the landscape of software development by addressing critical challenges in the maintenance and evolution of software systems. We recognize that software development is a collaborative effort, and understanding the role of developers is pivotal in enhancing the effectiveness of Recommender Systems for Software Engineering tasks (RSSEs).

The Work packages of the DevProDev project are subdivided into three steps: conceptualization, implementation, and organization
Work Packages of the [DevProDev] Project

Two-fold Objectives

Developer Profiling Methodologies: We seek to develop methodologies for extracting developer characteristics and creating comprehensive profiles. This will enable us to enhance the efficiency of RSSEs by tailoring recommendations based on developers’ expertise and coding styles.

Developer-Centered RSSEs Platform: Our project strives to provide developers with a user-friendly platform, empowering them to customize their RSSEs experience through End-User Development. This platform will offer personalized features, visualization techniques, and explanations for RSSE recommendations, fostering trust and usability.

Innovative Approaches

Our research will result in three novel profile-based and developer-centered RSSEs:

  • Personalized code completion considering developers’ coding styles.
  • Defect prediction model based on developers’ proneness to specific types of defects.
  • Code readability prediction approach offering insights based on the developer reading the code.

Project Timeline

The ‘DevProDev’ project has a duration of two years, starting on 28 September 2023.

Budget Breakdown

The total budget for this project is set at 253k euros, with a significant allocation of 86k euros for the University of Bari.

We are eager to contribute meaningful advancements to the field of Software Engineering and enhance the experience of developers worldwide. Stay tuned for updates on our progress and discoveries!