SUIT (Systematic Usability Inspection Tool)

SUIT (Systematic Usability Inspection Tool) is an Internet-based tool that supports the evaluators during the usability inspection of software applications. SUIT makes it possible to reach inspectors everywhere, guiding them in their activities. Differently from other tools that have been proposed in literature, SUIT not only supports the activities of a single evaluator, but permits to manage a team of evaluators who can perform peer reviews of their inspection works and merge their individual reports in a single document on which they agree.
Form for inserting a usability problem
SUIT has been designed to support the evaluators performing usability inspections, trying to overcome time bottlenecks due to paper-based activities and face-to-face meetings.
SUIT is an Internet application developed with open-source technologies. All features are implemented with dynamic web pages. Event notification is performed by automatic generation of emails. All structured and persistent data are stored in a database.
SUIT uses general-purpose applications, such as web browsers and email readers, for client-side communication and coordination. In SUIT there is a single underlying database that contains all persistent data.
The web architecture includes a request manager that receives the requests from the browser on the client side, authenticates the user and calls the database manager in order to perform the right query to retrieve the needed data. Then, the HTTP server sends the response to the client. SUIT uses Apache 1.3.27 Web server combined with PHP 4.3.3 language for server side scripting. SUIT client applications are developed with PHP.

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