MuMoWOz (Multi Modal Wizard of Oz)

The MuMoWOz (MultiModal Wizard of Oz) tool permits to conduct Wizard of Oz user studies. It has been developed in order to test simulation of actual prototypes of multimodal mobile systems, either in laboratory settings or in delimited environments, using the WOz technique.
Simulating multimodal interaction in a museum
Respect to other tool, the main contribution of MuMoWOz is its generality: it is possible to simulate the user interaction in various scenarios of different domains by only setting the appropriate multimedia content. Thus, MuMoWOz can be easily adapted to new simulation scenarios and its architecture allows HCI researchers to perform studies in mobile multimodal settings.
MuMoWOz is based on a distributed software architecture in which two macro-components, the server and the client, are connected by a wireless network.
The MuMoWOz architecture
The server, installed on a notebook or a desktop computer, allows the wizard to send and manage the running of multimedia content at the client installed on a mobile device or another desktop computer and used by a participant to the study .
The client captures the interaction on the device and send it to the server. It is possible to keep track of the users interaction and to listen to them during the experiment, and thus to easily simulate the recognition of inputs, including those of multimodal type.
The MuMoWOz wizard interface

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